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  • Is Kennywood Connection associated with Kennywood Park?
    No, Kennywood Connection has no affiliation with Kennywood Park, Palace Entertainment, Parques Reunidos or any other properties owned by Parques Reunidos. Kennywood Connection is a site made by fans for fans.
  • Can I use images from Kennywood Connection on my site?
    Images contained on this site are property of Kennywood Connection, unless otherwise stated. If you wish to use any image contained on this site please contact us with your request. Photos are property of their respective owners, and we cannot grant permission for others to use these images.
  • Why can’t I view the forums?
    At this time we only permit registered members to view our forums for a number of reasons. It is free to register an account with us and we encourage you to do so and join the community!
  • Can I link to Kennywood Connection?
    Absolutely! If you wish to link to our site, please link to the main page
  • Can Kennywood Connection donate tickets to our organization?
    Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to donate items (tickets or other novelty items) to any organization. On occasion, one or more of our message board members may have extra tickets they simply do not want or need. You can view our message boards to find out if any member is currently offering tickets. Inquiries about ticket donations or other park items should be directed to Kennywood’s Public Relations department. You can email them at or call the park directly at 412-461-0500.


  1. I am 14 years old and applied for an application to work at keenly wood and I was wondering what kind of positions I am aloud to work in?

    • Sara, I’m not sure. I would suggest calling the park at 412-461-0500 and talking to the Human Resources department… they would be able to tell you. You could also email them at kennywoodhr @

  2. Can i preorder tickets for the Skycoaster online?

  3. Hi! Can you tell me if the Kenny Game Kredits are used for the midway games or are they used for arcade type games?

  4. Maureen Bostwick

    I would like information on senior discount tickets (3) for Sunday May 26, 2024. I would like the cheapest price to buy on line. Also how much is it to buy at Kennywood that day. Can cash be used for games and to purchase food at Kennywood.?

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