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Kennywood Park
4800 Kennywood Boulevard
West Mifflin, PA 15122
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Located 20 minutes southeast of Pittsburgh, Kennywood is a historic Pennsylvania amusement park that has been delighting visitors from near and far since 1898. Founded by the Monongahela Street Railway Company as a way to encourage ridership on weekends, Kennywood quickly became a beloved destination for families seeking fun and entertainment.

Over the years, Kennywood has undergone several changes in ownership, with the most notable being its acquisition by the Kennywood Entertainment Company in 1906. Under this ownership, the park saw significant expansion and the addition of iconic attractions like the Jack Rabbit roller coaster, which opened in 1920 and still thrills riders today with its classic wooden coaster experience. In 2008, Kennywood was acquired by Palace Entertainment (a subsidiary of Spanish company Parques Reunidos which operates over 50 venues globally), bringing new opportunities for growth and development.

Today, Kennywood Park continues to enchant visitors with its unique blend of modern rides and nostalgic charm. Home to a diverse array of attractions ranging from thrilling roller coasters to classic carnival games, the park offers something for everyone. In addition to its rides, Kennywood boasts beautifully landscaped grounds, live entertainment, and delicious dining options, making it the perfect destination for a day of family fun. With its rich history and commitment to providing unforgettable experiences, Kennywood Park remains a cherished landmark in the Pittsburgh area.

Hours: Kennywood is typically open from late April through January 1st, with varying hours depending on the season. Phantom Fall Fest is the park’s Fall / Halloween event, running late September through the last weekend in October. Holiday Lights starts mid-November through January 1st.
Always be sure to check the official site for hours and days of operation!

Parking: Kennywood offers both free and preferred parking. Preferred parking is $20 per vehicle. If you don’t mind a slightly longer walk (you’ll be walking through the park all day anyways!) the free parking is located in these areas:

  • Farthest North end of the first level lot closest to the Exterminator building
  • Second level lot: When you pull into the second level lot, drive all the way up toward the escalators and park as close to those as possible for the shortest walk to the park entrance. There are both escalators and a sloped walkway available from the second level lot in case of strollers, wagons, etc.
  • Third level lot: On very busy days, the park will open the third level parking. Often times, they will be running a free shuttle bus between the third level lot and the park entrance. Pick up at the bottom is in the “bus loop” near the park entrance gates (when exiting through the park gates, turn to the right and go up the ramp, then wait at the top).

Pricing: Kennywood offers many different pricing options for daily tickets and season passes. There are also many ways to find discounted tickets, ranging from school picnic tickets to tickets purchased online rather than at the gate, etc. Always be sure to check the official site for accurate pricing and to make a purchase.

Cashless: Kennywood is a cashless park, but does offer cash-to-card kiosks throughout the park. Any unused funds on the card at the end of your day can then be used anywhere else debit cards are accepted.


  1. Can you please tell me if you carry official tees, hoodies, longsleeved tees etc.?
    My brother in law is celebrating his 70 the birthday. He no longer lives here but he is a huge Kennywood fan. I would love to by him a shirt or hoodie. If you do how can I purchase one soon?

    Thank you

  2. Kennywood is an amazing place to go. Although if you want to go on water ride like raging Rapids I would bring a bathing suit you will get sobbing wet. The gift shops are the only place you can get stuff like that Kathy. Penn Stater is100% right

  3. If I have a premium pass to Kennywood, how much will it cost me to upgrade to a ride and slide pass

    • Theoretically $5 since that’s how much more the Ride & Slide pass costs, but my guess is they won’t allow you to do it since you would actually be losing some of the perks of the Premium pass that were likely already used throughout the season. You would have to call the park to double check. 412-461-0500

  4. I’d like to know how much is the entrance to Phantom Fright Nights. I will arrive in Pittsburgh on october 31st and I’d love to go there. thank you

  5. Does anyone know the opening day in 2016 for Kennywood?

  6. Melaney Parker

    Are the 3 water rides open as long as the park itself is open?

  7. Are there picnic areas still? If so can you BBQ or bring your own food? We want to come 5/21/16 for my grand daughter’s birthday.

  8. is there an entrance for handicapped besides having to go up and down the tunnel? i have not been there for years because of this. Now my grandchildren want me to go but i don’t know if I can even enter the park

    • Unfortunately, no, the tunnel is the only entrance into the park.

    • pam dennis kovach

      This a violation of federal law which limits the slope of wheel chair ramps. The tunnels are too steep to safely allow a wheelchair to be pushed up and down. The park NEEDS TO OPEN ANOTHER ENTRANCE FOR DISABLED PEOPLE. I suggest the gate next to the park which is flat and goes to the pavilions.

    • Contact the park (see for phone number).

      I could be wrong but IF I remember right the Gate C is on the north side of the highway (main parking is on the south side of highway). Through Gate C there’s handicapped access and a pick-up / drop-off point. Also if I remember right you *must* have a handicapped placard to use the handicapped parking.

  9. Is there seperate pricing for people who don’t ride the rides. I am handicapped and want to tag along while my husband rides with the kids.

  10. Can you you buy a ride and slide day pass and if so how much would that cost?

    Thank you

  11. I bought a ride and slide pass at Kennywood. Was I supposed to get tickets for the buddy days? Or how does that work?

    • Ride and Slide passes include free buddy days for Sandcastle only. All Kennywood season passholders can bring a buddy on select days for $10 or $15. See for details.

  12. Does anyone know how to get Kennywood to honor expired 2015 tickets?
    It seems like there should be a way? I have 6 tickets from 2015 and I’d like to go on 6/25. You would think they could give you something for them?

  13. If I bought a souv drink at Idlewild can it be used at Kennywood?

  14. are there electrical outlets in the picnic areas? i wanted to bring a roaster to give my family a hot meal. are bunson burners allowed?

  15. If you buy a general admission ticket for freight nights does that include the rides and haunts too? Or are their seperate tickets for that? Was wondering cause on their site theres regular admission then theres “RIP” passes for the rides and haunts.

  16. When do ride and slide passes expire

    • It should say right on your pass when it expires. If you purchased it earlier in the season, it’s most likely the last day of the regular season. That would be Sunday, September 18th for 2016.

  17. I bought two season passes how long does it take to get them in the mail ?

  18. scott Dickerson

    No other food allowed in kennywood park. I knowi have been employed at kennywood for 13 years.

    • Scott, how could you work there for 13 years and not know that Kennywood is one of the few parks where you can still bring in your own cooler of food and beverages for your family???
      It’s right on their official page, for heaven’s sake.
      “Personal Food and Beverage.
      In general, personal food and beverage (except alcohol) is permitted to be brought in by guests. However, please be respectful of Kennywood and other guests, by depositing all refuse into garbage receptacles. Please do not dump ice or any liquids (e.g., from coolers) onto any area where people may walk or sit. Dry ice is strictly prohibited.”

      What Can Be Brought Into Kennywood

      We welcome you to bring your own strollers, wheelchairs and wagons into the park. Picnic baskets are welcome too; however, the meal must be only for your immediate family. Group picnics and catered events must be coordinated through our Group Sales Office.”

  19. can you get v.i.p tickets at the gate for phantom fright night ans how much are they

  20. that place is awesome keep up the good work guys

  21. My daughter and her family are flying in from California for a visit and I would love to take them to Kennywood on Friday the 21st of September. Is the park would be open then?. Thank you.

  22. Is there free handicapped parking reasonably near the entrance?

  23. Can I bring 2 “buddies “ on Bring a Buddy Day?

  24. We bought 6 tickets to return to Kennywood this summer unfortunately with all the nasty weather we did not get to use them. Is there a way that we can use them for the 2019 summer? I contacted Kennywood by email and didn’t hear back.

  25. So children three and under are free at Kennywood amusement park what rides do they get to ride since they are free under the age of 3

  26. Can you bring a cooler into Kennywood park?

  27. If I purchase a weekday fun pass online, can I use it any week day during the current season? Or only the day of the selected day when I purchase?

  28. Questions. There are elderly family members that don’t ride there needs to be a benefit for them and those that are handicap. Also 50.00 for a motor chair outrageous. I have a LLC called Creative Balance 4 Empowering People who bring those in communities together and I would like to know who I can speak with to obtain an in kind donation or a discount. Ppl have supported Kennywood for decades and these abrupt price changes are ridiculous. 36.00 for groups only but sad that young children 4 and 5 don’t get in free they have to pay 36.00. Who higher up can I speak with? My number is 4125378037

  29. For Pierogifest, are dogs allowed?

  30. Is there a discount or special pass for an autistic person?

  31. Me mom dad and a friend of mine are going to kennywood on June 8th. I was wondering if I can get tickets at gate or online.

  32. If you buy tickets ahead of time bur can’t go due to the weather. Would you be able to get new tickets for a different day as ong as we have the old tickets that proved we bought them?

  33. Is there handicap parking? Price? What is the price for regular parking? Is there a size restriction on purses?Can purses be taken on rides?

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