Sky Rocket

Year Opened: 2010
Manufacturer: Premier Rides
Happy Hauntings: Closed
Phantom Fright Nights: Open
Holiday Lights: Closed

The park’s newest coaster, Sky Rocket, debuted in June 2010 and is unlike any other roller coaster at Kennywood. Riders are launched from 0-50 mph in three seconds up a 95-foot vertical hill and through 2100 feet of track and three inversions, a first for the park since it debuted the Steel Phantom in 1991.

Additionally, since 2017 Phantom Fright Nights, Sky Rocket has also offered a virtual reality experience.  Sky Rocket VR offers guests an entirely new way to experience the coaster, surrounded by a completely different environment featuring high-speed chase in a futuristic landscape.
Riders must be at least 52″ tall to ride. Riders between 52″ and 55″ must ride with a responsible person.

Sky Rocket VR requires an additional fee. Guests who experience Sky Rocket VR must be at least 13 years old in addition to the existing Sky Rocket rider restrictions. Availability and operating hours are limited; riders experiencing VR must ride in rows 5 and 6.


  1. I am only 9 years old and I go on this ride all by my self

  2. OMG SO FUN!! The launch is my favorite part! Only problem is it is too short should be longer but other then that it is SUPER FUN!! It is not a HUGE roller coaster but so what, IT IS STILL FUN!! it goes upside-down 3 times and I LOVE going upside-down on roller coasters! Don’t go on it for a first roller coaster, but it is a good ride for your first roller coaster that goes upside-down. I HIGHLY recommend it!!!

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