Noah’s Ark

Year Opened: 1936
Builder: Philadelphia Toboggan Company
Phantom Fright Nights: Open*
Holiday Lights: Open

Today, Noah’s Ark is the last remaining walk-through ride of its kind in the world. Over the years, this ride has been rebuilt and re-themed (most recently in 2016) and offers guests the opportunity to embark on an adventure through the famous Ark of Noah.
Riders under 46″ must ride with a responsible person.

*During the final hour of each night, all inside lights are turned off and, for an additional charge, pairs or single guests may experience Ark in the Dark.


  1. My family visited Kennywood last Friday, and my sister and I walked through the Ark. A few years ago, the submarine part was removed from the ride, but each time I go through, I hope it’s back. The submarine, of course, had not returned, but we were shocked to see that most of the animal displays were gone and had been replaced with ridiculous-looking clownfish, sharks, and octopuses (they even had googly eyes!). Everything in that section was illuminated by black lights. I think that only three displays with actual animals in them remained. We were a bit disappointed about that; it really took away from the Ark experience because why would there be fish in the ark anyway, and the whole ride was less frightening. I do wish that the old displays hadn’t been replaced, but I understand that changes need to happen. I just wish they weren’t this extreme.

  2. What Is The Fee For The Haunted Ark In Fright Night

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