Noah’s Ark

Year Opened: 1936
Builder: Philadelphia Toboggan Company
Phantom Fall Fest: Open
Holiday Lights: Open*

Today, Noah’s Ark is the last remaining walk-through ride of its kind in the world. Over the years, this ride has been rebuilt and re-themed (most recently in 2016) and offers guests the opportunity to embark on an adventure through the famous Ark of Noah.
Riders under 46″ must ride with a supervising companion.

* The interior of the ride is decorated to match the event.


  1. My family visited Kennywood last Friday, and my sister and I walked through the Ark. A few years ago, the submarine part was removed from the ride, but each time I go through, I hope it’s back. The submarine, of course, had not returned, but we were shocked to see that most of the animal displays were gone and had been replaced with ridiculous-looking clownfish, sharks, and octopuses (they even had googly eyes!). Everything in that section was illuminated by black lights. I think that only three displays with actual animals in them remained. We were a bit disappointed about that; it really took away from the Ark experience because why would there be fish in the ark anyway, and the whole ride was less frightening. I do wish that the old displays hadn’t been replaced, but I understand that changes need to happen. I just wish they weren’t this extreme.

  2. What Is The Fee For The Haunted Ark In Fright Night

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