Pittsburg Plunge

Year Opened: 1995
Manufacturer: O.D. Hopkins
Model: Shoot-the-Chute
Happy Hauntings: Closed
Phantom Fright Nights: Closed
Holiday Lights: Closed

Built for the 1995 season as part of the park’s Lost Kennywood, the Pittsburg Plunge is a reworked version of the old Shoot-the-Chute boat rides of the early 1900s. After plunging down the 50 foot drop, a gigantic splash is created that soaks both riders and onlookers.
Riders must be at least 36″ to ride. Riders between 36″ and 46″ must ride with a responsible person.


  1. Is this ride being removed from the park or not

  2. What time does pittsburgh plunge close for the night

  3. Is that the same Hopkins that made Texas Tornado and Dragon?

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