Raging Rapids

Year Opened: 1985
Manufacturer: Intamin AG
Model: Rapids Ride
Happy Hauntings: Closed
Phantom Fright Nights: Closed*
Holiday Lights: Closed

If you’re looking to get soaked on a hot summer day, the Raging Rapids is the ride for you. Simulating a white-water rafting trip through canyons and beneath waterfalls, this is by far Kennywood’s wildest and wettest water ride.
Riders must be at least 42″ tall to ride. Riders between 42″ and 48″ must ride with a responsible person.

*Raging Rapids’ trough is used for the Voodoo Bayou haunt during Phantom Fright Nights.


  1. The raging rapids no longer has the water fall. Now it is barely even a water ride.

  2. Ya what the hell… no waterfall? What’s the point. That is the gamble of going on it! Who gets hit by the waterfall. BRING IT BACK

    • Some kid I was riding with asked the rife operator and he said that people were standing up under the waterfall

    • From what they said, they had to remove the waterfall as a “saftey issue”. They went on to say that they hope to replace the waterfall with something “better”. I honestly don’t see how or where the waterfall was an issue.

  3. why did they did the waterfall out of kennywood for

  4. they might as well of kept the log jammer and took the raging rapids after shutting off the waterfall. whats next , take out all the rollercoaster cause people put there hands in the air lol gee maybe we can put in a see saw

  5. what did the raging rapids replace in 1985

  6. I was under the impression that they removed the waterfall after the waterfall on a similar ride in Iowa caused the raft to overturn causing a death.

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