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Kennywood offers a vast range of food and beverage selections! See the list below to learn more about what each venue has to offer.

Name: 1898 Coffee Co.
Year Opened: 2023
Located across from the Penny Arcade, stop by for a cup of coffee or a treat from Nancy B's Bakery or The Original Pie Shoppe.
Name: Auntie Anne's
Year Opened: 2017 / 2018
Located next to the Pirate, this stand serves up Auntie Anne's famous soft pretzel treats with a variety of flavors.
Name: Beer Garden
Year Opened: 2012
Located next to the lagoon in front of the Aero 360, stop by for a can or draft of beer.
Name: Carousel Burger Co.
Year Opened: 2024
Within the climate-controlled shelter of the park’s historic original carousel building, guests walk up to kiosks where they can order fries, burgers, chicken sandwiches/tenders, and signature milkshakes.
Name: Cotton Candy Wagon
Freshly-prepared cotton candy can be found at this wagon just inside the entrance to the park. A second cart can also be found across from the Golden Nugget.
Name: Dippin' Dots
“The Ice Cream of the Future” is a popular amusement park treat and can be found at multiple locations throughout the park.
Name: End Zone Cafe
Year Opened: 2019
Located in Steelers Country, this indoor quick-service restaurant offers many traditional game-day favorites, including wings, burgers, pierogies, additional sandwiches and salads, beer and more.
Name: Golden Nugget
Year Opened: 1967
Located right next to the Kiddieland entrance, the Golden Nugget Dip Cone is another Kennywood culinary tradition. Enjoy a premium vanilla ice cream cone dipped in chocolate and rolled in crushed peanuts or sprinkles and topped with a cherry.
Name: Jeeters' Pub
Year Opened: 2024
Next to the Kennyville Stage, stop by Jeeters' Pub for draft beers from Penn Brewery along with other snacks such as wings, charcuterie boards, and soft pretzels. The pub is themed to Kennywood's iconic mascot from the 70's, Jeeters himself!
Name: Kandy Kaleidoscope
Year Opened: 1981
This air-conditioned store is probably the first thing guests see upon emerging from the tunnel entrance. The Kandy Kaliedoscope is home to all kinds of delicious sweets, including caramel and candy apples, homemade fudge, a variety of chocolates, hard candies, gummies and cold bottled drinks. Starting in 2020, Dunkin' is also located here.
Name: Lucky
Year Opened: 1930
Located between the Potato Patch and Noah’s Ark, the Lucky is an iconic building that has lasted for decades. This stand is home to corn dogs, funnel cakes and cold drinks.
Name: Midway Refreshment Stand
Year Opened: 1956
This classic stand near the Jack Rabbit is home to corn dogs, hot dogs, popcorn, pretzels, cold drinks and bottled water.
Name: Millie's Homemade Ice Cream
Year Opened: 2021
This art-deco corner stand across from Noah's Ark is home to scooped hard ice cream and milkshakes.
Name: Mix It Up
Year Opened: 2008/2017
Cool off on a hot day with your customized slushy, where you get to combine as many as eight different flavors.
Name: Pagoda
Year Opened: 1987
You can’t miss the iconic Pagoda between the Parkside Café and Kiddieland, inspired by a similar structure at Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen. On one side at "Fire Breathing Sausage" you'll find hot sausage, hot dogs, chicken tenders, sauerkraut, and fried mozzarella. On the opposite side at Blizzard Blast Creamery, you'll find classic soft serve ice cream and other treats.
Name: Parkside Café
Year Opened: 1899
Designated a Historic Landmark by the Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation, this restaurant has served Kennywood since the very beginning. The Parkside Café serves fresh hot and cold meals including pastas, sandwiches, chicken, salads and more. This large, centrally-located restaurant that includes both an air-conditioned dining room and an outdoor patio.
Name: Pedro's
Year Opened: 2017
Now located in Lost Kennywood, Pedro’s offers tacos, nachos and other fresh Mexican-style cuisine made to order along with cold drinks and bottled water.
Name: Pizza Warehouse
Year Opened: 1979
Just across the Lagoon bridge next to Kiddieland and behind the Golden Nugget, Pizza Warehouse is home to freshly-baked pizza, whole or by the slice, hoagies, fresh salads, cold drinks and bottled water.
Name: The Potato Patch
Year Opened: 1973
No visit to Kennywood is complete without the world famous Potato Patch fries! Its signature fresh cut Idaho potatoes have been a Kennywood-must have for over 40 years. Toppings include cheddar cheese, bacon, brown gravy and more.
Name: Primanti Bros.
Year Opened: 2023
Primanti Bros. opened in Kennywood in 2023 as the chain's first ever amusement park location. Enjoy a famous French Fry Topped sandwich from this Pittsburgh staple!
Name: Punts Bar
Year Opened: 2022
Punts Bar is located in Steelers Country at the front of End Zone Cafe. Stop by for your tailgating favorite beverages.
Name: Racer Refill
Year Opened: 2019
Stop by the Racer for a quick place to top off your souvenir cup or popcorn, or grab a regular drink and some cotton candy.
Name: Rogue BBQ
Year Opened: 2020
Located across from the Aero 360, this outdoor patio area is the place for freshly-grilled BBQ favorites including pulled pork , brisket, ribs, and chicken. Sides include corn on the cob, broccoli salad, and cole slaw. Don't miss the bacon on a stick or the strawberry pretzel salad!
Name: Small Fry
Year Opened: 1996
This small stand next to the Lost Kennywood gift shop has long been a second venue for the park’s famous Potato Patch fries. Visit Small Fry for fresh cut Idaho potatoes, chicken strips and a cold drink.

New for the 2017 season, Small Fry is a gluten-free stand!
Name: Snack-a-Saurus
Year Opened: 2011
Right in the heart of Kiddieland, this snack stand is a convenient location for Mom or Dad to find cold soft drinks, juices, milk and healthy snacks like veggie dippers and hummus to keep the little ones going without all the sugar. Starting in 2017, this stand will offer the award-winning Beansprouts menu filled with healthy kid's meals.
Name: Star Refreshment Stand
Year Opened: 1955
This retro-style venue near the Aero 360 is home to supreme funnel cakes topped with ice cream, powdered sugar, whipped cream, and strawberries as well as a fan favorite Deep Fried Oreos.


  1. The dippin dots Sunday shop does not have shakes as advertised and Johnny rockets claims a 45min to hr wait with half the tables and 3/4 of the bar empty

  2. Tina Napotnik Sepcic

    I’m confused. I was hired to work @KP the first year the Kandy Kaleidescape opened, in 1981. This says the 1970’s. It was a big deal because it was the only air conditioned place (besides offices). Even the managers had to go through the training to learn how to make the fudge.

    • When we created the Food page, we tried our best provide accurate dates for when each location opened. In the many of these cases, we have used the year the building was constructed. In the case of a building becoming home to a different venue, we tried our best to locate an exact opening year for that venue to use in its place (for example, Pedro’s replacing Fish and Chips, which opened in 2002). In the case of the Kandy Kaliedoscope, we were unable to find an exact year when we created this page, so we chose to stick with the year the structure was built. Thank you for clarifying this for us!

  3. Went To KW yesterday. Lemonade stands were closed……Why would this even be an option? KW is nothing without their lemonade. Please assist me in finding out why such a glorious place would be closed.


  4. I’m looking for the name of the restaurant of the 1960’s in K ennywood?

  5. Heard the promo on the KDKA TV news about Kennywood’s gluten-free food options for the 2017 season, but was disappointed to learn it’s just fries & a bottle of water. I think you can do better.

    • According to the website, the chicken tenders and fries at Small Fry’s are all gluten free.

  6. Does any one know the prices of the food and the restaurant

  7. Pittsburgh Thrills

    Was that the original Dipper sign put up at the Waffles and Dinges restaurant?

  8. none of these have prices

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