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Kennywood Connection was established in 2002 by a group of Kennywood fans that wanted to take a further step in showing their compassion about the park. Two years later, that original group decided to discontinue the site. After 2 months in limbo a new group took over the site and Kennywood Connection was launched again. Late in 2010, ownership of the site was transferred once again to the current owners due to the previous owners no longer having time to take care of the site. Twenty years after being established, Kennywood Connection still continues to provide as much information and content as possible to our visitors and members of the site.

Kennywood Connection Staff

Name: PennStater
Position: Co-Owner / Webmaster

Name: Myself
Position: Co-Owner / Photographer

Name: zunkman
Position: Moderator

Name: Bosskland
Position: Moderator

Name: KWC
Position: Moderator


  1. Melissa McKenzie

    What does Sister park mean? Does a Kennywood Season pass get you into these parks. The combo pass?

  2. Stephen Yasinsky

    I am not computer savvy Does one need to log in to the large green log in button?.

    • No need! That’s actually just an ad, and I wish that particular one wasn’t showing up.
      Edit: I just blocked that one, so you shouldn’t see it any more!

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