Kennywood Connection Site Redesign

Today, we are very happy to go live with our brand new, completely redesigned web site! We felt that our old site was in dire need of attention, and that the design was very outdated and lacked some important information about the park. The new site includes many added features such as:

  • A News page containing a searchable archive of past posts and updates made by Kennywood Connection
  • A dedicated page for every ride (excluding Kiddieland) including a description of the ride and a slideshow of pictures of the ride. We also hope to eventually include a video of most rides so that potential new visitors to the park can check out the rides ahead of time.
  • A Past Rides page listing attractions previously located in the park. This page is an ongoing project and we hope to expand it over time. If you have any information or pictures to contribute for this page, please let us know!
  • Listing of food venues, their locations, and what types of food / drinks can be found at each
  • Holiday Lights and Phantom Fright Nights pages including a description and pictures of each event as well as a listing of Phantom Fright Nights attractions
  • Park Information page which provides information on how to get to the park, hours, pricing and parking tips
  • Sister Park pages including a description of each park and a link to the park’s official web site

We hope that you enjoy the “new-and-improved” Kennywood Connection. Please feel free to leave a comment below or on our forums if you have any suggestions for additional improvements. Enjoy!


  1. Why can’t i get to any message boards when i log in

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