Upcoming Insane Coaster Wars Episode Will Feature Phantom’s Revenge

Phantom’s Revenge will be featured in an upcoming episode of Insane Coaster Wars! The episode will air on the Travel Channel on Sunday, June 29th at 7:30 pm. The episode was filmed at the park in May of 2013. Be sure to set your DVRs!

Sky Rocket Train Drawings

Premier has released drawings of the new trains for Sky Rocket. As you can see from the renderings below the trains will be open air, and will not feature over the shoulder restraints but just a lap bar. You know what that means, no head banging inversions and plenty of air time!

Sky Rocket Car 1 Sky Rocket Car 2

Sky Rocket New In 2010

The Turnpike has been removed to make way for Sky Rocket. A new coaster designed by Premier Rides that will send riders through both new and familiar elements from the parks past. Remember the days of the Laser Loop? Sky Rocket will not feature a lift hill but will launch you from 0-50 mph straight up into the sky. Remember the days of the Steel Phantom? Sky Rocket will feature inversions, such as a corkscrew that haven’t been seen at Kennywood since the transformation of the Steel Phantom into the Phantom’s Revenge. As for new elements, how about a vertical drop, inverted top hat, and a barrel roll.

Sky Rocket Layout