Year Opened: 1994
Manufacturer: Sky Fun 1
Model: Skycoaster
Happy Hauntings: Closed
Phantom Fright Nights: Open
Holiday Lights: Closed

When the Skycoaster debuted at Kennywood in 1994, it was the tallest structure in the park at 180 feet and the first Skycoaster model to be permanently installed in an amusement park. Up to three riders can suit up in a harness that pulls them to the top of the ride’s tower. After the count of three, riders release themselves with a ripcord as they plummet to the ground reaching speeds of up to 75 mph!

Single Flight: $2600
Double Flight: $23.00 per flyer ($46.00 total)
Tripe Flight: $18.00 per flyer ($54.00 total)

Riders must be at least 42″ tall to ride.
**Additional fee required; see pricing above.**


  1. What is the weight limit for the sky coaster?

  2. are you able to print out a waiver online?

  3. How much would it be for 3 People to ride

  4. Can ride alone or do you have to be with someone

  5. Under the height requirement, it says “addition fee required”! My Daughter is 52 1/2″, will there be an extra fee other than the $45.98?

    • Pam, sorry if that is a bit misleading. This just means that there is an additional fee required on top of the regular park admission. The prices listed are all you need to pay. Keep in mind, the park may change their prices without notice so be sure to check with them.

  6. Is there a waiver that needs to be signed by someone of 18 years or older to ride this?

  7. DO you have to show a license before riding

  8. When does skycoaster close for the day

  9. is there a waver

  10. I have been on it with my friends and it is so much fun freaky at first but when u start to go it is really fun nothing to worry about. I am also under 16 years old so if u are young there is nothing to worry about when riding

  11. Can you preorder the tickets online?

  12. My son is tall enough to ride but he’s 4 years old. Do kids his age ride?

  13. I was on it about 15 years ago. It is safe. I am afraid of heights but had to scare my self silly. This will do that I am still afraid of heights but it is a great experience. Try it and enjoy.

  14. Do you have to ride with a person okder than 18?

  15. Does the smallest person have to pull the cord like height wise ?

  16. Does anybody know if they take your picture on the skycoaster?

    • They used to record your flight with a video camera and you could buy the tape for an additional $15 when you were done. That’s what we did, but that was back in 1995. Don’t know if they offer something similar now with a digital recording maybe burned to a DVD.

  17. I see it’s cheaper by how many people were joining the ride, meaning if 3 people are riding, each paying for $18.00, which I think Is so cheaper because you pay and you’re friends pay there own cool catch I found

  18. Shannon kumpfmiller

    CN you buy in advance

  19. Tangerine Bullet Train fan

    I have autism, anxiety and a heart condition, I rode Cheetah Hunt which is a triple launch coaster for the first time and it terrified me. I am scared of the extra weight of another person going with me, but do I have to have someone else go with me? Is this scarier than the Cheerah Hunt? I want to start facing my fear of heights before I reach 30 next year. Do or don’t?

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