Sky Rocket New In 2010

The Turnpike has been removed to make way for Sky Rocket. A new coaster designed by Premier Rides that will send riders through both new and familiar elements from the parks past. Remember the days of the Laser Loop? Sky Rocket will not feature a lift hill but will launch you from 0-50 mph straight up into the sky. Remember the days of the Steel Phantom? Sky Rocket will feature inversions, such as a corkscrew that haven’t been seen at Kennywood since the transformation of the Steel Phantom into the Phantom’s Revenge. As for new elements, how about a vertical drop, inverted top hat, and a barrel roll.

Sky Rocket Layout

Something Big Is Coming!

Is a new coaster coming soon to Kennywood? A new article in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette takes a look at the parks past and may also provide some insight into the future. Although no details have been released and we don’t know for sure if this big ride is indeed a new coaster, Kennywood Connection is certainly excited about the possibilities. Below is the excerpt from the article, you can read the rest of the article on the parks past by clicking the link below.

“Mr. Quinn said the new owners have promised a big ride will be added in 2010 or 2011 but have not revealed what it will be.

All of the employees hope it’s another roller coaster, he said.”

Kennywood’s roots in trolley line

All New Entertainment In 2008

In 2008 Kenny TV as well as live shows will return to the Kennyville Stage with Master Entertainer Jason Pipatone. The Kennywood Band will also return to the park this summer after a brief vacation. The High Dive show is being replaced by the exciting Scheer’s Lumberjack Show. In conjunction with the “Pittsburgh 250” celebration, “Celebrate America” becomes Celebrate Pittsburgh! Kennywoods Famous Fall Fantasy Parades will also celebrate Pittsburgh this August.

Ghostwood Estate New For 2008

A state-of-the-art dark ride named Ghostwood Estate will replace the Gold Rusher, which was removed this past August. The eight room haunted house combines a trackless conveyance system with cars programmed and monitored by a computer as well as numerous Computer Generated Images. The cars will be armed with blasters, that will provide guests the opportunity to compete with others in the vehicle by shooting at over 200 interactive targets throughout the estate.

KP Press Release