Bites & Pints ’24 and Potato Smash Grand Opening

Kennywood Connection had the opportunity to visit Kennywood today and sample many of the Bites & Pints offerings for this year… courtesy of the park! We started our day by taking a spin on the shiny new Potato Smash cars, which had their grand opening this morning.

7 item(s)

Next, we made our way over to the lagoon to start exploring the many food and drink offerings at this year’s Bites & Pints festival. While our stomachs sadly weren’t big enough to sample something from every booth, we were able to visit Greece, Poland, South Korea, Mexico, and Jamaica. Everything we tried was very delicious, and we can’t wait to return another day to try more!


Souvlaki, Gyro, and Mazza Vineyards Concord wine


Pierogi and the Kielbasa Slider

South Korea

Yaki Mandu and Samgyupsal



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