Johnny Rockets at Kennywood is OPEN!

Yes, it’s true…Kennywood’s highly-anticipated new restaurant is now open to the public! Kennywood Connection was graciously invited to the media ceremony, and we are happy to report that Johnny Rockets impressed and exceeded our expectations.

Click here to check out our full update on our Facebook page. Be sure to join in on the discussion on our forums to share your experience with Johnny Rockets and discuss the new addition to Kennywood cuisine.

As always, we’d like to extend a hearty thank-you to Kennywood’s Public Relations director Jeff Filicko for allowing us to be part of this event!

Check out the 360° photo sphere image of the interior of Johnny Rockets below! Click and drag the image to look around. You can also click the box in the upper right corner of the image to full-screen it. Enjoy!



    Yesterday I visited the Johnny Rockets at Kennywood and was disappointed by the wait I had to get seated. It appears to me that the restaurant is understaffed and until this situation is corrected the addition of Johnny Rockets is not going to be very successful.

    On the other hand the food was good after we finally got in and served.

  2. The place is over staffed actually.. The servers often crowd and stand around.. The kitchen is not equipped to handle more than 50 people at most, meanwhile the restaurant seats about 200.. something needs to be done desperately….. it kind of puts true Johnny Rockets to shame for the most part..

  3. We were greeted with a disclosure… “we are serving a limited menu – no burgers or hot dogs, just appetizers and chicken tenders” – when we asked why we were told the kitchen is understaffed. How can a chain known for burgers NOT serve burgers?!?! We were very disappointed! While they said the kitchen was understaffed, the wait staff seemed to be bored and not have enough to do – at least 8 people were standing around doing nothing.

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