NEW in 2019: Steel Curtain Roller Coaster and Steelers Country Themed Area!

On Thursday, July 19th, Kennywood made their much-anticipated announcement to reveal just what “Project 412” will entail! Read on for full details!

We were there broadcasting the announcement live on YouTube to over 900 viewers… wow! Enthusiasts all over the country were excited to hear what Kennywood would unveil! In case you missed the video and wish to view it, it’s available on YouTube here.

“Steelers Country” will be an all new, Steelers themed area of the park highlighted by, of course, a new roller coaster! The new coaster, being manufactured by S&S Worldwide, will have the very fitting name of “Steel Curtain” to pay homage to the ’70s Steelers defensive line. Here’s all of the need-to-know stats on Steel Curtain:

  • 9 Inversions… a North American record!
  • 220 foot maximum height… a Pennsylvania record!
  • 197 foot high inversion… a WORLD record!
  • 24 passengers per train
  • 120 second ride-time
  • 75 MPH top speed
  • 50 degree lift angle
  • 4,000 ft track length

Here’s a few renderings of Steel Curtain to help you become acquainted with what you’ll be seeing at Kennywood next summer!

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Follow this link to view a POV video of the Steel Curtain rendering to get a preview of what to expect from this massive ride!

Steelers Country will occupy the back corner of the park currently home to pavilions 19 through 23. Pavilion 23, the former “Whip” pavilion, will be repurposed and become the End Zone Cafe. The other pavilions will be removed or relocated. Steelers Country will feature games, food, a themed tailgating experience, and exclusive merchandise. Guests will enter Steelers Country via a tunnel, just as the team makes their entrance onto the field at Heinz Field.

Here’s a few renderings of Steelers Country to give you an idea of what the area will be like!

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We look forward to following construction in the coming months, and hope you’ll continue to check back here, on our Steel Curtain and Steelers Country discussion thread on our forums, on our Discord, and our social media to follow the progress and discuss with us!

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