2018 Construction Updates

If you visit Kennywood this season, you’ll see that construction is the big story and will likely continue to be for roughly the next year. Thomas Town, announced back in February, is currently under construction with a planned mid-summer opening. There is also some mystery construction occurring at the former Log Jammer site as well as in the nearby lagoon where what appear to be possible coaster footers have appeared! We’ll keep tabs on that project in the upcoming months and post any developments here!

For now, let’s take a look at Thomas Town construction which seems to be speeding along!

Thomas Town will occupy land surrounding the existing train station, including what was once the Raging Rapids queue area. Here the elevation difference between Thomas Town and the new Rapids queue is evident, where a retaining wall and a fence will separate the two.
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Next, we’ll move on to the former Log Jammer site to see what interesting things are occurring over there!

While the park is very tight-lipped on what's going on at the old Log Jammer site, a lot of the work speaks for itself. Here's some rebar, undoubtedly to form concrete around.
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Finally, let’s take a look at a few other updates around the park.

To compensate for the loss of some pavilions near the Log Jammer, the area alongside the Phantom queue will be home to some tents that will be able to be rented out similarly. Nick told us that the area may become permanent depending on how well things go here. In any case, a new path here ensures the area will be accessible from both ends.
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Tons of exciting changes are coming at Kennywood! What are your thoughts on everything going on at the park this year? Join us on our Forums or Discord Chat and let us know!
Many thanks to Nick Paradise for allowing us to visit and provide you with these updates!

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