Kenny’s Parkway

Year Opened: 1996
Builder: CTEC Inc.
Model: Chairlift

Kenny’s Parkway is the only ride located outside the park gates at Kennywood. It is a chairlift ride meant to carry passengers to and from the park’s third level parking lot, while providing a spectacular aerial view of the park. The ride is usually only open on really busy summer days at the park.
Riders must be at least 46″ tall to ride.


  1. I was really wondering if they had decided to permanently close kenny’s parkway. We were at the park probably 25 times last year, and they did not have it running all season. The seats were stowed away at the bottom and the shuttle buses were running all summer long from lot 3.

    • It is not permanently closed, but they VERY rarely use it. It has to be one of the busiest days of the season for them to run it. It’s also hard to staff it at times… I believe they require 5 people to run it.

  2. Does anyone know if the chairlift will run this year?

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